With this single-purpose appliance, bones (and water) go in and broth comes out.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 06, 2017
Janet Yeh

For those of you who still have room in your kitchen for another single-purpose appliance to wedge next to your smart cookie oven and your dedicated tortilla toaster and your now obsolete Juicero, a new Kickstarter campaign is once again looking for people to help fund a gadget with a very specific use: the "world's first bone broth maker."

Cave Kettle promises to let you "make real bone broth with about 1 minute of prep time – no stirring, attention, or soaking needed." Daniel Murphy, the man behind the product, says he came up with the idea after trying to follow the Paleo-friendly trend at home. "I started to make bone broth in my slow cooker, which was always an ordeal," he explains on the Kickstarter page. "It always made way too much and took too long and perpetually occupied my dishwasher. Then I began to make bone broth in pots, which overheat and dry out, causing a separate set of issues." Enlisting the help of his engineering friend Charles Wang, the two set out to create a dedicated machine that lets you throw bones and other ingredients in and then pour out bone broth between one and 24 hours later. Plus, of course, they promise "uncomplicated cleanup" as well.

Janet Yeh

Though it appears neither Murphy nor Wang have launched a product like this before, the Kickstarter campaign states, "We have already visited and worked with an appliance factory in south China to develop the molds and tooling to the point that a prototype could be made, which is how we got the Cave Kettle pictured in the video." If the project gets backed, they promise a pretty impressive turnaround time of a mid-December delivery. And as an additional bonus, this bone broth maker doesn't seem to require anything else you can't find in your kitchen – meaning you won't get dragged into buying any special ingredients to keep using the thing in the future.

Janet Yeh

Currently, the Cave Kettle is only about $4,700 towards its goal of $24,000, but the campaign will still be running for another 20 days. It'll be interesting to see if they hit that number. Though bone broth has been trendy, the market is still relatively small, and the product isn't necessarily cheap – it requires a $138 pledge – so they'll have to sell about 140 of them for the project to get funded. That said, assuming this truly is the "world's first" dedicated bone broth making appliance, then Cave Kettle would appear to be your best bet out there.