Is there one fast cuisine in the world that's better than all the rest? F&W asked nine of the globe's best cooks to put this question to the test. Will Brit Jamie Oliver's crumpets beat out Australian Donna Hay's juicy balsamic steaks? You decide. Go to to vote for the winning dish.

By Food & Wine
Updated June 06, 2017

Jamie Oliver • England

Crumpets with Bacon

Aarón Sanchez • Mexico

Tuna Tacos with Onions

Ken Hom • China

Peking Duck Stir-Fry

Maya Kaimal • India

Shrimp and Coconut Curry

Suzanne Goin • USA

Strip-Steak Sandwiches

Gennaro Contaldo • Italy

Flounder Rolls with Pesto

Daniel Boulud • France

Sizzled Scallops

Donna Hay • Australia

Balsamic Steaks

Wolfgang Puck • Austria

Hot Dog Melts