A Dodgers win will result in a gift of Texas beer and barbecue, while an Astros victory will earn its state a selection of California wines.


Last night, the Los Angeles Dodgers took their initial step towards winning the team’s first World Series in 29 years as Clayton Kershaw pitched a three hit, 11 strikeout gem to take a one game to none lead over the Houston Astros. But that’s not all: The dominating starter also brought his city one step closer to winning a six-pack of Texas beer and some authentic Lone Star state barbecue!

Before the game yesterday, as has become a bit of a tradition before many big sporting events, officials from both states announced that a friendly wager had been placed on the outcome of the World Series. Texas Governor Greg Abbott and California Governor Jerry Brown agreed that should Los Angeles win the series, Abbott would send over a six-pack of Houston-brewed beer and some Texas-style barbecue. Meanwhile, if the series goes Houston’s way, Brown would honor the victory with a selection of wine from Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino counties. Not to be judgmental, but that better be some pretty fine beer and barbecue to equate to at least three bottles of California wine.

But though these kinds of bets have become commonplace, this particular wager is taking on significance this year due to the major natural disasters each state has endured—which also explains why Gov. Brown choose to offer up wines from northern California instead of from part of the state closer to the Dodgers hometown of L.A.

“Texas and California are recovering from some of the worst natural disasters our states have ever encountered,” Abbott said. “As we work to overcome these challenges, our two states are united by America's pastime as we cheer on our home teams in the World Series. Go Astros!” Meanwhile, Brown responded, “While we don't expect to have to send any vino to Texas, we hope travelers from all over the world — yes, even the Lone Star State — will continue to visit California.”

So regardless of who wins, a six-pack of beer and a few bottles of wine will be hard to split among the citizens of the two most populous states in the country, but a statement from Gov. Brown’s office said that both governors hope the selections will help in “encouraging the public to see, taste and experience what their respective states have to offer,” even in the face of these difficult disasters.