By Clara Olshansky
Updated September 25, 2015
© Getty Images/SuperStock RM

The greatest paintings of all time just got a whole lot tastier. Maria A. Aristidou, an artist-cum-baker from Cyprus, re-creates the greatest masterpieces in art history in sugary, delicious form. Each of Aristidou's truly impressive two- or three-tiered cakes bears an entirely edible version of a famous painting, depicting everything from the anxious expressionism of Edvard's The Scream to the melting world of Salvador Dalí's The Persistence of Memory.

Aristidou's cakes are a collaboration with the Vienna Boutique Cake Gallery in Larnaca, Cyprus. This artisan cake, chocolate and confections shop specializes in totally gorgeous sweets and in seeing each dessert as a work of art. Aristidou bakes the Vienna Boutique's classic chocolate cake recipe; covers the cakes in fondant, which provides the smooth, blank canvas for her paintings; and uses edible paints to render these masterpieces ridiculously quickly. In fact, each cake takes just six to ten hours to complete. This time-lapse video of her process shows just how much goes into each gorgeous one.

This isn't Aristidou's first venture into food art. Before turning to her impressive cakes, the artist was a prolific coffee painter, re-creating pop culture icons in remarkable detail. Her coffee paintings spanned everything from Star Wars characters to National Geographic covers to Disney cartoons to Cara Delevingne.

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