By Carey Jones
Updated March 24, 2016
© Adam Milliron

A Sloppy Joe is pretty much the least fancy, sandwich out there. And that is exactly why chef Richard DeShantz, of Meat & Potatoes in Pittsburgh, had so much fun cheffing it up.

Instead of ground beef, he opted for wild boar. (What, you’ve never made a wild boar Sloppy Joe?) And instead of the usual spices, his sloppy takes inspiration from Mexican mole — chocolate, cinnamon, peppers, tomatoes, get reduced into a delicious sauce for the ground boar to cook in. (With a little ketchup, because it’s still a Sloppy Joe, after all.)

The bread: A kaiser roll from Allegro Hearth Bakery in nearby Squirrel Hill.

The filling: The wild boar and all its mole-style sauce are heaped on the roll atop deliciously processed “gub’ment cheese,” fried jalapenos, and pickled cabbage, for a glorious mess of a sandwich that practically demands three or four napkins — you’re not getting through this guy without getting your hands dirty.