The final string was nearly three-quarters of a mile long.

Sometimes, being good at something runs in the family. The Mannings know how to throw a football. The Smiths can act and sing. And the Knauses… well… they're experts at making really long string cheese. And they're from Wisconsin, so that's a pretty big deal.

Close up of the intricate patterns of freshly made string cheese
Credit: Cavan Images/Getty Images

Weyauwega Star Dairy in Weyauwega, Wisconsin, has once again broken its own record (unofficially, as Guinness World Records still needs to certify the results) for the world's longest piece of string cheese. Not content with leaving well enough alone, this attempt will mark the third time the dairy has set the record over the past three decades — breaking its own record the previous two times.

The now 85-year-old Jim Knaus — whose family has owned the dairy since 1975 — first set the record in 1995, a mark that the company then bested again in 2006 with a 2,000-foot string of cheese, according to WLUK News. But this time around, they nearly doubled that length — 3,832 feet of string cheese, nearly three-quarters of a mile, the equivalent of about 30,000 individual sticks.

The cheese reportedly took about five-and-a-half hours to make and about 90 minutes to unravel, with a long line of local residents — each standing seven feet apart across three city blocks — holding a piece of stringy history to keep it off the ground. In total, the city was collectively holding up about 500 pounds of cheese, according to the Appleton Post-Crescent. Afterward, participants reportedly got to walk away with the long strand of cheese they held.

"When we first started dating, we came up here and held the cheese then. Got in the Guinness Book of World Records," local resident Sheryl Harris — who is a record-breaking regular — told WLUK. "Now we're doing it again."

"For the community to come out and do this, this is huge," Gerard Knaus, the company's current master cheesemaker, was quoted as saying. And if history has taught us anything, it's that if they hang around Weyauwega for another decade or so, they're getting a chance to do it again!