By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated January 30, 2017
© Guinness World Records

You may think you love burgers, but how many have you hoarded? No, not actual edible burgers. We’re talking about clothing, figurines and every other form of burger paraphernalia imaginable. It would be hard to argue anyone loves burger-shaped stuff more than Harry Sperl, aka “Hamburger Harry” who has amassed a collection of 3,724 items inspired by the sandwich. His bevy of burgers was recently honored with a Guinness World Record for “largest collection of burger related items.”

© Guinness World Records

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Sperl’s collection now includes dozens of plastic hamburger stand-ins as well as odd items like a burger viking helmet, burger water bed and even a burger-shaped Harley Davidson. Sperl acquired some of the items himself, but others were donated by friends and fans from around the globe who he calls his “hamburger helpers.” Because, of course he does.

© Guinness World Records

Sperl didn’t necessarily start out as a burger fanatic, however. While attempting to sell off a vintage 1950s drive-in car hop tray, he decided a burger and fries would photograph better than just the item itself. So Sperl purchased a few fake burgers to try out for the photo shoot. A friend noticed the burgers on his desk and asked if he was collecting hamburgers, which sparked the idea and one epic infatuation. With so many pieces to display, Sperl’s Daytona Beach, FL home is now known as “The International Hamburger Hall of Fame,” but he hopes to create a permanent museum in the future.

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