Chocolate Coupe. Photo © Kate Mathis
Credit: © Kate Mathis

© Kate Mathis
Chocolate Coupe with Cocoa Nib MousseBarack Obama: Hamburgers. One of the many DC burger joints he frequents is Good Stuff Eatery, where Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn created the Prez Obama burger and the Michelle Melt for the president’s wife.

Nicolas Sarkozy: Chocolate. At least, according to the renowned French chef Alain Ducasse. Ducasse says that the French president likes yogurt, too.

David Cameron: Spicy sausage pasta. That’s the recipe he’s contributing to an upcoming charity book, the Scrummy World Cookbook. In his introduction to the recipe, the UK prime minister thanked the River Café Cook Book, calling his dish a shortened and simplified version.

Vladimir Putin: Ice cream. Food & Wine contributor Anya von Bremzen, in Moscow working on her forthcoming book, Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking, reports that the Russian prime minister is a pistachio ice-cream fanatic. Is it odd to eat ice cream in a place that’s so cold so much of the year? “People of that Soviet generation love ice cream,” says von Bremzen. “We all ate it in winter, even though our parents forbade it because of the cold.”

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