Credit: © Chris Willson / Alamy Stock Photo

Japan has a new restaurant that specializes in horses. That might not sound particularly appetizing, but these aren’t just any horses: It’s the world’s first My Little Pony–themed restaurant! (OK, that actually doesn’t sound that much more appetizing.)

For a limited time, the café Sunday Jam in Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood has turned itself into a My Little Pony Café. The Pony takeover includes plenty of rainbow-colored art both inside and out. “The interior has a mural of many of the generations four characters like Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy,” Rocket News 24 explains. “Many of the retro ponies also decorate the walls and a number of pony figures gracefully adorn the tables and seats.” Though I’m no MLP expert (people abbreviate it as “MLP,” right?), it essentially sounds like someone turned my sister’s bedroom in first grade into a restaurant.

Of course, plenty of Pony-inspired dishes are on the menu: things like a marshmallow, banana and chocolate pancake drizzled with a pink sauce; a milky rainbow parfait adorned with a My Little Pony cookie; and a My Little Pony latte all done up with some Pony-faced foam art and a piece of My Little Pony–branded toast.

This very colorful café opened on October 13 and plans to be around until November 29. If you’re a big fan of My Little Pony—or simply someone who doesn’t mind being judged by others—why not give it a try?