Fast and easy new ways to get smokiness without a grill.
Smoky Flavors

© Wendell T. Webber

Olive Oil

Miguel & Valentino’s bright oil, poured into trays and smoked over a pinecone fire, is delicious on fish.

Vosges's Barcelona Bombalina Almonds.

© Wendell T. Webber

Almond Candies

Vosges’s delightful Barcelona Bombalina Almonds are hickory-smoked and coated in chocolate.

Nardin's tender smoked anchovies.

© Wendell T. Webber


Nardin’s tender smoked anchovies are great on pasta or on a bruschetta with piquillo peppers.

Smoked Crackers

Scented with beech wood, Ditty’s Irish smoked oatcakes are ideal with aged cheddar.


Robust smoked black peppercorns from Vanns Spices are terrific in omelets or dishes like the classic pasta cacio e pepe (pasta with cheese and pepper), (recipe, right).

Hot Dogs

The Farmers Diner in Quechee, Vermont, makes artisanal hot dogs from a mix of local meats, including bacon—smoked over hardwood and corncobs—to give them an irresistible sweet-spicy flavor.

Duck Pastrami

Brined in brown sugar and then smoked in-house, the silky-rich duck-breast pastrami from Formaggio Kitchen has a subtle applewood flavor; it could easily fill in for prosciutto on a charcuterie plate.

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