By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated June 29, 2016
Wony Mr. Potato Head, Hasbro
Credit: Courtesy of Hasbro

No potato should be expected to be perfect. Inspired by the ugly fruit movement, Hasbro has collaborated with U.K. grocery chain Asda to release a rather wonky Mr. Potato Head doll being auctioned off on eBay to raise money for FareShare, a food distribution nonprofit. FareShare pulls food that would otherwise be thrown away and donates it to community groups that prepare meals for people in need.

The lopsided version of the Hasbro toy is not only a bit more accurate to the potatoes in your pantry, he’s also pretty darn cute (in a three-legged dog kind of way). Only one of these special edition spuds is being offered up at the moment and the going rate is $316 (and dropping?).

Ever since Hasbro ditched the original pushpin-facial-features-stuck-into-an-actual-potato version of their classic toy, Mr. Potato Head has sported a molded plastic body. As goofy as he is, the pristine, symmetrical "potato" and feature-hole placement doesn’t really inspire the kind of creativity and silliness the original iteration was intended to inspire. Just as with fellow childhood favorite Barbie, one could argue that Mr. Potato Head is promoting an unrealistic body image… for potatoes. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a perfectly smooth and tan potato the size of an ostrich egg in the produce aisle. Until Hasbro admits real potato have lumps, this one-of-a-kind toy tuber will be the only version that always looks like it’s a Picasso.