Hera approved.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated June 02, 2017
wonder woman dishware
Credit: Courtesy of BoxLunch

This Wonder Woman dishware isn't red, yellow, and blue, and it isn't covered in chintzy images of the heroine. Instead, it's white ceramic with metallic gold with geometric designs of Wonder Woman's logo. It's the kind of Wonder Woman merchandise that you'd feel comfortable serving your grandmother tea and light refreshments on. Sure, the Amazons probably never paid much attention to dishware, but she's also a demigoddess, and the gods definitely care about how their meals are served.

This dishware set is available through BoxLunch, a website (and brick and mortar store) that donates a meal to the hungry for every $10 spent. So that means that when you buy the "DC Comics Wonder Woman Logo Dinnerware Set," the $42.90 that it costs will donate $4.29 meals to the hungry. In other words, Wonder Woman won't be the only one helping those in need. (Yes. we're calling you a super hero just for buying cool dishes.)

Honestly, BoxLunch is kind of killing it on the Wonder Woman merch. If you like the dinnerware set's understated approach to merch, you might be a fan of this Wonder Woman handbag or wallet. On the other hand, if you really do prefer the brightly-colored, in-your-face approach to Wonder Woman dishware, you may want this mug of an adorable-fied version of Wonder Woman's head, or this heat reveal mug that goes from just showing Wonder Woman's logo to doing the all-out, red-yellow-blue, boobs-and-panties Wonder Woman thing. If you're more into iced coffee than hot coffee, there's also a bright yellow Wonder Woman ice cube tray. Bonus points if you put Wonder Woman ice cubes in your Wonder Woman dishware. Super bonus points if you then fly away in your invisible jet plane.