Danielle Kang celebrated her victory in the most delicious way possible.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 07, 2017
danielle kang golf winner uses trophy as pho bowl
Credit: Icon Sportswire / Getty Images

Why are so many trophies in the form of a cup? One theory is that in ancient Greece, victors were often rewarded with olive oil which would be presented in a vase. Regardless of the veracity of that legend, modern athletes are now far more likely to take advantage of a trophy’s cup shape by filling it will alcohol. But over the weekend, when 24-year-old golfer Danielle Kang won the Women’s PGA Championship, she decided to use her trophy for something less traditionally celebratory than booze… a bowl of pho.

Sunday’s win at Olympia Fields Country Club was Kang’s first major championship title, and the young golfer decided she wanted to celebrate in style – even though she wasn’t supposed to. According to an interview with Barstool Sports, Kang says the PGA told her she’d be shipped the trophy at a later date, but she wasn’t having it. “Me and [fellow golfer] Michelle [Wie] stole the trophy,” Kang said. “’Cause we weren’t supposed to take it, so we ran off with it.” Given an illicit night to party with her own cup, she decided to do what any young woman would do. “Got some Asian crap going on, ate some noodles out of it,” she explained. “There’s nothing open that late at night so we gotta go get some noodles.” Of course, someone drank booze out of it, but Kang had different priorities. “I had my caddies drink beer out of it, I ate noodles out of that thing, and then we had to return it,” she said.

For posterity’s sake, Danielle’s brother Alex Kang even documented the event on Instagram. As you can see, this wasn’t just some “toss a Cup Noodles we grabbed at 7-Eleven” kind of stunt. Danielle appears to be eating the beloved Vietnamese noodle soup in some sort of legit restaurant. Hey, when the trophy you walk in with is made from more silver than the restaurant’s entire flatware collection, most places will probably make an exception.