We're totally trying this.

By Rebekah Lowin
Updated May 18, 2017
Credit: Dave King Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images

It seems like Ariel from The Little Mermaid was on to something when she used a fork to comb out her long red tresses. Now, it's that very same tool that's causing a commotion in the beauty world...and it's even got us buzzing over here.

So, who's our new Ariel? That'd be Laiba Zaid, who used the lines of a metal fork to create an enviably pristine makeup look, and then posted the flawless results in a video on Instagram. The Toronto-based makeup artist begins by using the fork to shape and fill her brows, with the prongs acting as a helpful barrier that keeps the lines of her arches in check. Next, she holds it against the outer edges of her eyes and uses the topmost prong to create a template for her liquid eyeliner. Here, the fork performs beautifully, and the resulting line is nearly perfect.

For those of you who've attempted a freehand cat-eye before, you know it's no easy task. We're totally rummaging through our silverware drawer before work tomorrow.

Finally, Zaid uses the fork to contour her nose. Here, we're ultimately not too impressed with the initial results—she ends up with two crooked-looking lines—but it's pretty cool to see how the lines of the fork do correspond perfectly with the bridge of her nose, dividing it evenly into three parts. And when she does get around to blending it in, the contour works like a charm...which reminds us that you don't actually need perfect lines when you're planning on rubbing it all in, anyway.

After watching the video a few times (okay, many times), we think we understand why the utensil works so well. Sure, its sharp lines make it an ideal beauty tool, but the trick seems to be in the execution: Zaid takes the thing seriously, and wields it like it's actually a piece of professional makeup equipment.

Lesson learned: Just fake it till you make it (or, well, until you can buy real tools).