By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 12, 2014
Courtesy of Tasty Cakes

How do you position yourself to win an international cake competition in today’s celebrity-obsessed world? By baking a life-sized cake of Jennifer Lawrence, of course.

Lara Clarke, a 28-year-old semi-professional baker from Walsall, England won the 2013 Cake International Competition, one of the biggest cake baking and decorating contests in the world with this five and a half foot tall Johnny Depp Cake. This year she chose Lawrence as her subject.

“Ms Clarke researched the actress's height, waist and bust measurements online and claims the 5ft 10in cake is exactly life-sized.” She also switched her medium and actually made a sponge cake this year. Her Depp cake caused controversy in 2013 because it was made of crisped rice and marshmallows—like a giant Rice Krispy treat. This year she went with an old-school recipe, which included 150 eggs, 22 pounds of flour, 22 pounds of butter and 22 pounds of sugar.

When the results came in this past Saturday, her efforts were rewarded. Katniss took the gold giving Clarke her second straight victory.

Amazingly, she isn’t even a fulltime baker. Though she has a small baking business on the side, she works a day job at a bingo website.

That’s almost as shocking as hearing that no one will actually get to eat her cakes. Instead, the icing will be removed and the remaining cake will be fed to wildlife in a local forest. “You wouldn't want to eat them anyway,” she told the Belfast Telegraph. “I started making them nearly four months ago so the cake'll be a bit crunchy by now.”

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Especially when it looks like a movie star.

[h/t Uproxx]