Wolfgang Puck joins Thomas Keller and Alice Waters in the latest culinary MasterClass.

Chefs, clear your viewing schedules, because Wolfgang Puck has arrived at MasterClass, with an exclusive 16 lesson course on cooking. The acclaimed Austrian chef behind CUT, Spago, and numerous hit cooking shows joins the latest batch of new MasterClass teachers alongside fellow culinary master teachers Alice Waters and Thomas Keller, and promises to help you "become fearless in the kitchen" through the video series.

The lessons include specific recipes for main courses, sides, desserts, and cocktails, including the chef's Mustard Chicken, which features a tip on pan-searing that you can watch in the exclusive clip above. But in addition to using favorites like Tuna Sashimi, Oatmeal Risotto, and Béchamel Sauce to teach specific techniques, the MasterClass will also see Puck dive into broader topics like the chef's culinary and business philosophies, all with the goal of "inspiring you to feel confident in the kitchen, whether you’re a home cook or restaurant chef."

A single MasterClass course like Puck's runs $90, and, in addition to all 16 lessons, includes a class workbook with lesson recaps, assignments, and supplemental material, plus "office hours," where students can upload videos to receive feedback from the class, and have select questions answered by the chef. Or, you can pay $180 a year for an all-access pass, which will provide access to every course MasterClass has to offer.

With Thomas Keller's 36 lesson course on cooking techniques coming this winter, and Alice Water's home cooking course set to open in the Spring of 2018, it might be time to start figuring out your course load. An all-access pass will also get you access to all the non-kitchen courses available, including fellow newcomers like Stephen Curry on basketball technique, Helen Mirren on acting, and Ron Howard on directing, so you can learn those too. Well, if you're able to pull your eyes away from the extremely soothing pedagogical stylings of Gordon Ramsay, that is.