Winter games attendees are previewing an Olympic-sized feast on social media.
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Credit: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND / Getty Images

Beyond the games themselves, the Olympics are about representing the beauty of different cultures while at the same time bringing those same cultures together. So what better way to represent that Olympic effort than through food? Lucky for the visitors flocking to and around Pyeongchang and Gangneung, the locations of the Olympic facilities, they won’t have a difficult time indulging in the more savory spirit of the games. The South Korean cities have a booming culinary culture and are presently offering a mashup of both regional fare and international favorites, courtesy of area restaurants, markets, vendors and the Olympic dining facilities.

The Winter Games have officially begun, which means so has this special two-week winter food tour. And this year, there are even a number of well-known chefs currently on the ground, from David Chang to Deuki Hong to Judy Joo who will, no doubt, clue us hungry stateside fans into what they're eating. We'll also be on the lookout for the specialized food the athletes will be fueling up with in the Olympic Village (which Michael Phelps gave us the inside scoop about from his Summer Games experiences).

No doubt, as the games progress we'll be seeing stunning sports moments accompanied by equally satisfying food photos coming out of these Olympics. From beautiful Korean barbecue spreads and street food breads to pizza and ice cream, here is just some of the food people are already enjoying during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics that we've rounded up via Instagram.

Market and Street Food

Korean street vendors offer a variety of regional dishes, such as lobster tail.

Yes, you’re seeing multiples, but this is no weird optical illusion. This street vendor is offering “packs” of small, fresh fish.

In this roadside vendor’s tent, you can find both egg and red bean mini breads.


A highly Instagramed dish at the Olympics, diners sing nothing but praises for Korean BBQ, one of the region’s better known culinary offerings.




Glass Noodles



Ulu Seaweed Soup

Udon Soup

Beef, Sausage, and Shrimp

Korean Beef with Sesame Seeds




Wasabi Crips


Baked Chocolate Mousse

Ice Cream

Matcha Rolls