New Zealand's Newest
As the 2000 vintage shows up in shops this month, the Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand are particularly worth seeking out. Though the harvest was smaller than anticipated, the quality is high.

Zin Man
Napa Valley winemaker Greg Brown turns out some particularly plush and well-priced Zinfandels (about $25) at his tiny T-Vine Cellars. Brown dubs them "red wines for white wine lovers." Call 707-942-8685; there still might be room on T-Vine's mailing list.

Top 10 List
The Wine Institute recently released its 1999 acreage figures for red and white grapes planted in California. (Who knew French Colombard was so popular?) The ranking:

Italian Insulation
The ideal picnic wine might be one of the Italian varieties from Villa Sandi. Its new, insulating Glaxa cooler bottles feature two layers of glass to keep the wine cold.

Believe It Or Not
If you hate the idea of someone drinking out of your wineglass (or you just like jewelry), the Monopoly-like charms from That Wine Is Mine offer a means of both identity and adornment ($20 for a set of 6; 303-779-6816).

The world's first wine exchange is up and running. The Web site uvine opened for business in June under former Christie's buyer Christopher S. Burr. Purchasers and sellers can set up accounts to trade, for a small fee (a mere 3.5 percent), in what the site guarantees as all premium wines.

By Lettie Teague