A Wine a Day
This Page-A-Day calendar won't teach you a new word every day, but it will give you a good tip on what bottle to bring home each night ($10; Workman).

The Ice Wine Cometh
When most grapes are long gone from the vine, it's time to make ice wine. Inniskillin, the esteemed Ontario winery, plans to harvest its frozen grapes this month.

Great Books
Six references to give or to get:
1. Bordeaux, revised edition, by Robert M. Parker, Jr. ($50; Simon & Schuster)
2. The Bordeaux Atlas and Encyclopedia of Châteaux by Hubrecht Duijker and Michael Broadbent ($50; St. Martin's Press)
3. A Companion to California Wine by Charles L. Sullivan and Hugh Johnson ($40; California Academy of Sciences)
4. Connoisseurs' Handbook of the Wines of California and the Pacific Northwest by Norman S. Roby and Charles E. Olken ($20; Knopf)
5. Hugh Johnson's Modern Encyclopedia of Wine, 4th edition ($40; Simon & Schuster)
6. Wines and Vineyards of Character and Charm in France ($27.50; Fodor's)

Small Stemware
Delicate Kikatsu crystal glasses are etched by hand in Japan and range in size from rather small (8 ounces) to exceedingly small (3 ounces), but their collective visual impact is decidedly outsize. The cost:$48 to $90. For info, call Matsu at 617-266-9707.

Dynamic Duo
One of the largest producers in Burgundy, Maison Louis Jadot, is making some of the region's best wines, thanks to winemaker Jacques Lardière, on the right, and president Pierre-Henry Gagey.

It Was a Very Good Year
Soon it won't be enough to say you're a single-malt fan--you'll also have to cite your favorite vintage. Single-malt maker Glenlivet has just released a set of limited-edition whiskies distilled in 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970 and 1972 ($300 for five 200-ml bottles; at select wine stores nationwide).