'The Wand' Claims to Remove the Hangover-Causing Elements in Wine

Photo: © The Wand by PureWine

If you drink enough of any alcoholic beverage, you're going to end up with a hangover (assuming you drank amounts at least moderate enough that you survive through the night). But as many regular consumers of alcohol will tell you, not all hangovers are considered equal. Some drinks are notorious for leaving your head throbbing worse than others – especially red wine. Wouldn't it be wonderful if some sort of magic wand existed that could help ward off the dreaded hangover associated with too much vino? A Texas company called PureWine believes it's come up with just such an invention.

The Wand from PureWine is a small paddle-shaped device that, according to the product's website, uses "patented nano-pore resin technology" to remove wine's "sulfite preservatives and histamines," two components the company says lead to side effects like headaches, hangovers, flushed skin and congestion. Stirring one of these single-use Wands in a six ounce glass of wine – red or white – for just three minutes is supposedly long enough to "ensure that histamines and sulfites are reduced so that you don't have to suffer the ugly side effects," all without affecting taste. If anything, the brand suggests The Wand will make your wine taste better by aerating it while it works. Though it all sounds a bit strange, the company apparently comes with a decent pedigree. CEO David Meadows has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan, decades of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry and dozens of patents.

According to CultureMap Dallas, the unique product, which was released to the public a couple of months ago, is already finding in-roads in its home state of Texas where its available at a handful of local wine bars and a few retailers. Wands can also be bought online in packs of eight or 24 for about $2 per wand.

One thing The Wand conveniently sidesteps, however, is the issue of alcohol. Though PureWine says it can remove 95 percent of sulfites and histamines, without removing alcohol – the number one cause of a hangover – drinking enough wine to earn yourself a wicked headache will always be a possibility. Though I guess if you have to stir your wine for at least three minutes before every glass, The Wand is also going to help you out by slowing down your consumption.

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