Had to love this story in the Washington Post from Friday (now picked up by a variety of wine bloggers, including Tyler Colman at Dr. Vino, which is where I saw it). A hooded hoodlum—the best kind—invaded the back yard dinner party of some folks in DC's Capitol Hill neighborhood, put a gun to one guest's head (a 14-year-old girl), and demanded everyone's money. One guest, acting either out of absolute panic or with astonishingly intuitive negotiating tactics, then stated that as they were just finishing dinner, would the man with the gun like to have a glass of wine with them? (It was a Château Malescot St. Exupery from Bordeaux.)

The creep—too light a word for someone who'd put a gun to a 14-year-old kid's head, or anyone's head for that matter—took a sip, said, "Damn, that's good wine," according to the Post, drank some more, had some cheese, then decided that he'd chosen the wrong house and asked for hugs from everyone before leaving, glass of wine in hand.

Makes one wonder, though: What would have happened if they'd been serving Two-Buck Chuck?