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It might be the classiest traffic accident ever.

Mike Pomranz
Updated June 28, 2017

You’ve seen these kinds of stories before: A beer truck overturns and dumps cans all over the road, inspiring jokes like “Party on Route 73!” But an accident yesterday in California could be the classiest collision of all-time: A big rig carrying wine crashed into another one hauling meat. Let’s just say the dining was finer than the driving.

Around 12:30pm yesterday, California Highway Patrol was informed of an accident on the 60 Freeway near the city of Ontario. Turns out, a tractor trailer carrying 70,000 pounds of meat was rear-ended by a tractor trailer carrying the precious cargo of wine and spirits, according to the LA Times, which humorously dubbed the accident a “perfect pairing.” The good news is that no injuries were reported. However, the accident caused the meat truck’s trailer to slip off in the highway’s slow lane, leading to traffic delays and an alert for drivers to try to avoid the area if possible. The lane had to remain blocked until a tow truck arrived to remove the damaged trucks.

Despite the mayhem, reports on the crash would make it appear that the truck’s stockpile of meat and wine made it through the accident relatively unscathed. That’s good news for the companies involved, but perhaps slightly less good news for local food banks and homeless shelters. As you may recall, in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving in 2014, a truck carrying nearly 30,000 pounds of Butterball turkeys overturned on California’s Interstate 580, spilling the payload all over the interchange. Law prohibits food that has landed on the road to be sold in stores, so all off those birds ended up being donated to charity in time to make a lot of people’s holidays. That said, I feel like the excitement around that turkey windfall would pale in comparison to the day when 70,000 pounds of meat and a truckload of wine and spirits came rolling into the food bank.