Cuisinart's Private Reserve Wine Cellar is a 16-inch stainless steel cube that fits on your countertop and has three removable shelves that hold 11 bottles ($260 for Model CWC-900; Electrolux's Icon Absorption Wine Cellar operates silently, thanks to a chemical-evaporation cooling system. The wood racks hold 160 bottles; the bottom ones are adjustable to make extra room for cases ($3,399 for Model E24WC160ES; 877-435-3287). The GE Monogram Walk-In Wine Vault, a 7-by-8-foot chamber that can be installed anywhere in your house, has an electronic bar-code inventory system that can keep track of an infinite number of bottles (the vault holds 1,100, plus cases). The vault is so smart, it even reminds you which wines are ready to drink ($30,000;