Once in a while, a wine idea comes along that's so mind-bendingly inspired, so of the moment, so subtly brilliant...unfortunately, SexySommeliers ain't one of them. I don't know what it is: Crass? Bizarre? Moronic? Creepy? Hilarious? Take your pick. The always resourceful folks at Thrillist ferreted this one out: it's a company that aims to eliminate wine's "common association with pretentiousness" by organizing corporate or private wine events for you that feature "women of desireable aesthetics," and by that I don't think they mean that these sommeliers can also quote you Theodor Adorno on mass culture. Rather, it's that Lisa—whose nickname is Amarone—is a 5' 9" Virgo "girl-of-all-trades" (ahem) whose hobbies include boxing and art, and whose favorite wine is an '05 Budini Malbec (um, nice choice, Lisa). Yes, and you can hire her to pour wine at your next dinner party. Holy hot cross buns, Batman—what's this world coming to?