The video has nearly one million views.

Credit: Sebastian Doerken/Jiradelta/Getty Images

Pouring yourself some wine can be a good way to start acting silly. To turn that silly feeling into a bit of viral gold, a comedian on Twitter didn’t need to look much further than the corkscrew used to open the bottle.

On Monday, Sam Fletcher—a London-based “Comedian / Actor / Nincompoop,” as his Twitter profile states—posted a 25-second video with the caption, “MR. BOTTLE-OPENER RIDES A ROLLERCOASTER.” The concept sounds almost boring in its simplicity, but that simplicity is actually why it works so well.

Using first-person perspective footage of a rollercoaster ride as the background, Fletcher turns a common metal corkscrew into an anthropomorphic thrill-seeker in a way that any written out description can’t really capture. You just have to watch it for yourself…

Though the idea is straightforward, the execution is an exceptional work of everyday puppetry that requires more skill than it lets on: Getting the arm and head movements down just right, not to mention the framing and even the sound, had to have been harder than it looks. It’s the kind of thing that could have easily been better in Fletcher’s head than in reality, but the clip makes everything come off as beautifully casual. (No word on if a bit of wine helped make that happen.)

Despite currently having less than 1,600 followers (and that’s after the clip has gone viral), as of this writing, the post has received over 42,000 likes, 15,000 retweets, and nearly 1 million views in total. “Yeah so my phone has basically blown up today,” Fletcher wrote in a follow up post yesterday. “Overwhelmed by the response and love.”

“It’s a fantastic thing,” another Twitter user replied. “Don’t underestimate the creativity and talent needed for what seems like a (very) funny (and clever) little video.” Uh, when did Twitter become so life-affirming?!