Apparently, it has hints of dark cherries and chocolate.

Is there anything the Instant Pot can't do? The kitchen appliance that shot to stardom last year cuts cooking time in half while keeping your kitchen clean, and now, apparently, it can turn you into a winemaker, too.

New Jersey-based food blogger and recipe developer David Murphy answered the question everyone has been asking: "Why hasn't anyone figured out how to put grapes in a crockpot and turn it into wine?"

The trick? Using the yogurt setting on your Instant Pot.

For the full recipe and a detailed step-by-step rundown, including photos, check out the recipe on Murphy's blog. The basic gist is this: He uses the Instant Pot's yogurt setting to turn Welche's grape juice, sugar and red wine yeast into a wine he describes as having a "palatable wine taste," with a nose of "hints of chocolate and dark cherries." Going in with low expectations, Murphy was surprised at just how "palatable" the wine tasted. " I was actually very shocked how 'decent' it was for a bottle of $2 grape juice lol."

He goes on to compare it to a bottle you may know well: "Dare I say, [it's] even better than the 2 buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s!" Murphy also tells Munchies he would price the wine around $8-$12, and also suggests that it's great for cooking.

Instant pot wine is not as instant as other recipes made in the trendy appliance, however. It requires 48 hours in the pot, plus about a week resting in a cool, dark place. Whether or not you want to age after it that, of course, is up to you.

And if wine from Welche's isn't your thing, you can follow his process and sub in other grape juice or yeast. Which also poses the question: what other booze can you make in the Instant Pot?