The fastest way to chill wine is in a bucket with ice and water. Here, some guidelines, starting at room temperature.

By Ray Isle
Updated March 31, 2015

Sparkling Wines | Crisp White Wines | Rich White Wines | Big Red Wines

Sparkling Wines

Ideal Temp: 45°

Fridge: 5 hr

Freezer: 40 min

Ice Bucket: 25 min


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Crisp White Wines

Ideal Temp: 50°

Fridge: 3.5 hr

Freezer: 30 min

Ice Bucket: 20 min


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Rich White Wines

Ideal Temp: 55°

Fridge: 2 hr

Freezer: 25 min

Ice Bucket: 15 min


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Big Red Wines

Ideal Temp: 65°

Fridge: 45 min

Freezer: 15 min

Ice Bucket: 10 min


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