The massive decoration has "lots of people stopping to take a look," says the owner.

Looking at the word "snowman," you’d think the "man" in question would have to be made out of "snow." But a pub in England has decided that the world isn’t meant to be taken so literally, and they’ve built the snowman in their Christmas display out of something a bit more fun: over 2,000 wine bottles.

Wine Bottle Snowman
Credit: Anton Eine / EyeEm/Getty Images

The Queen Victoria Inn in the village of Priddy in Somerset has used a couple thousand old wine bottles drank through by patrons to construct a 20-foot, illuminated snowman display out front of the pub. The massive snowman is just one (very large) part of an overwhelming number of other lights and decorations intended to make the entire building look like a giant gingerbread house, a tradition the pub started last year.

The snowman specifically begins life as an empty metal frame into which the wine bottles are placed upside-down to create the figure’s head and belly, which are then lit from within. To build the intricate display, pub owner Mark Walton enlisted the help of one of the regulars, Ben Selway. "Ben is a very talented engineer and this is the result. It took three people and an electrician well over a week to get it all in place," Walton told the Daily Mail. "There's been lots of responses — lots of people stopping to take a look."

However, though Selway appears to be getting all the credit, let’s not forget the other fine drinkers in the pub who helped consume enough wine to leave Walton with enough bottles to construct such a massive display. You’d have to drink about 5.5 bottles of wine each day to get to 2,000 in one year’s time. That requires some serious boozing. And as an added bonus, anyone who’s had a glass of wine in the pub recently can point to the snowman and say, "I helped make that, you know."