Wine prices are wildly different in ten of the world's biggest cities.

Even among the world’s most expensive cities, some things are far cheaper in one place than another. For example, New York City is ridiculously pricy in most regards, but if you’re looking for a place to buy a $1 slice of pizza, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Sadly, The Economist did not look at by-the-slice pizza for its Worldwide Cost of Living 2018 report; however, it did look at something else you might buy on the regular: a bottle of wine. And in the end, it’s quite incredible just how significant the difference in price is for a bottle of vino even among the world’s ten most expensive cities.

Credit: monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images

For the fifth year in a row, The Economist determined Singapore to be the world’s most expensive city after evaluating the cost of living in 133 locations around the globe. Wine is definitely a metric that helps buoy that reputation: The report says that the average price in dollars of a single bottle of table wine in Singapore will set you back $23.68. And yet, a couple cities on the list have even pricier bottles. Despite being the ninth most expensive city overall, Tel Aviv was the most expensive of the group when it came to wine prices: $28.77 for a bottle. Seoul was the second most expensive among the top ten: A bottle there had an average price of $27.02.

Meanwhile, Switzerland is expensive for a lot of things, and Geneva was listed as the sixth most expensive city in the world. However, a bottle of wine is a bargain: The Economist listed the average price at just $8.37. That’s actually cheaper than in over half of the cities The Economist billed as the cheapest major cities to live in in the world! Meanwhile, among the most expensive cities, the second cheapest place to score a bottle of wine is — unsurprisingly — in wine-loving Paris, where the average bottle price came out to $11.90.

Here are all ten cities in the report ranked by the price of a bottle of wine, from most to least expensive:

  1. Tel Aviv ($28.77)
  2. Seoul ($27.01)
  3. Singapore ($23.68)
  4. Sydney ($20.49)
  5. Hong Kong ($16.16)
  6. Zurich ($15.89)
  7. Oslo ($13.70)
  8. Copenhagen ($13.28)
  9. Paris ($11.90)
  10. Geneva ($8.37)

And here are all ten cities ranked not by wine but by all-around expensiveness, from most to least expensive:

  1. Singapore
  2. Paris
  3. Zurich
  4. Hong Kong
  5. Oslo
  6. Geneva
  7. Seoul
  8. Copenhagen
  9. Tel Aviv
  10. Sydney