Gardening and drinking finally come together.

By Jillian Kramer
Updated June 16, 2017
gardens in wine bottles
Credit: Courtesy of UrbanLeaf

When you live in a teeny-tiny apartment, you have to be a creative home gardener: you sneak up to the roof to plant your tomatoes, (illegally) usurp the fire escape for your lettuce—and now, thanks to a new Kickstarter, you can elegantly clutter your windows with your used wine bottles (we know you have them) to plant your favorite herbs.

Urban Leaf offers "the world's smallest garden," which, just as it sounds, is a super-small way to garden using wine bottles you might otherwise toss out. (In other words, these tiny gardens are eco-friendly and give you an excuse to drink.)

wines bottles can grow gardens
Credit: Courtesy of UrbanLeaf

Here's how the product works: you'll grab a green or brown wine bottle—which block light frequencies that plants use for photosynthesis—fill it to the top with water, and pop in Urban Leaf's soil pod, a tube that fits into the neck of the bottle. Non-GMO seeds in the soil will take root in the water, and the plants—your choice of herbs such as basil, mint, catnip, or leafy greens such as kale, lettuce, bok choi, or sorrel—will sprout from the top. It takes up to six weeks for you to see harvestable amounts of herbs, Urban Leaf says, but they'll last in the bottle for up to five months. (After that, they say, you'll have to toss them or replant them in a larger container.)

You can buy a starter kit on Urban Leaf's website, or support its Kickstarter with a larger contribution. If the company reaches its $40,000 goal by June 21, it says it will expand its seed offerings. Right now, according to the campaign, they are testing everything from cilantro to chives, rosemary, baby tomatoes, sweet peas, and violas.

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