Some stories, you know, you just read them and wander away thinking, wow. What a perfectly weird place the world is. Former Australian barrister chucked into prison for embezzlement and robbery, claims addictions to alcohol and gambling made him do it, gets out, writes best-selling memoir, uses proceeds to purchase (after prison closes) his old jail cell—which is going to be converted, along with the rest of the prison, to a rare-wine storage facility. I don't know what thrills me most—the image of some guy in a white wig (no idea if Aussie barristers wear wigs, but whatever) holding a sawed-off shotgun (true) as he tries to rob a bank? The idea that the guy then has a wildly successful career as a motivational speaker? The fact that the man bought his own freakin' jail cell? And that he plans to store other people's rare wine in it?

Uh, yeah, sign me up. If I've got anything wildly valuable, I'm definitely hiring an alcoholic/gambling addict formerly-bank-robbing now-motivationally-speaking barrister to store it for me.

The BBC will tell you all about it right here.