It's that time of year here in NYC where people decamp every Friday afternoon for the Hamptons, the sort of beachy destination that can either be a breezy, charming getaway or a socialite-ridden horrorshow, depending on how you play it. But no matter which you prefer, beach destinations pose that annual quandary—glassware and bare feet. Running barefoot over broken Riedels isn't my idea of fun, but drinking premier cru Chablis out of a styrofoam cup isn't either (though, given the choice, I'll take the styro-Chablis over the shredded feet).

That's why I'm fond of these nifty stemless plastic wine glasses from GoVino (see below). They're not offensive to the eye, they're easy to clean, they're recycleable (why not), and they do not contain "bisphenol-A," whatever that is. Whew. More to the point, they're convenient and they're cheap—$2.99 apiece. I mentioned them in my segment on beach-safe wines on Weekend Today a couple of weeks ago, but I thought they were worthy of a mention here as well.

GoVino Glass