The BBC featured a recent story about the Crimean Stars Sanatorium, located in the thriving burg of Alushta, Crimea, which offers wine therapy. After consultation with a medical professional, one Dr. Alexander Sheludko, patients are advised to take one of seven different "cocktails," essentially Crimean wine mixed with dried herbs and, occasionally–just to add that extra zap of medical efficacy-vodka. Toss one of these concoctions back three times a day for a week or two and hey presto: away goes stress, impotence and heart disease. Or so claims the irrepressible Dr. S. It's worth noting, though, that based on my reading of this somewhat impenetrable article in New England Journal of Medicine, you are unlikely to appreciate these benefits if the wine you use happens to be tainted with wasp venom. Since, um, you'll be lying on the ground gasping for breath.