By Clara Olshansky
Updated January 06, 2017
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Credit: © Nicole Iizuka

These incredible shot glasses take pretty much all the sophistication out of your wine and cheese tasting. Thanks to Alyssa Noui of POPSUGAR, you can now make shot glasses out of cheese, so that the wine and cheese combination no longer has to be a two-handed experience. With just some cheese, a shot glass mold, and a bit of wine, you can make your wine and cheese experience look a little more like when you were a college freshman knocking back $4 vodka.

To make these cheesy shot glasses, pretty much all you're going to need is two pounds of cheddar cheese and a silicone shot glass mold (you can find tons of them on Amazon). You can probably make these shot glasses with other hard cheeses too, but who's going to throw away $40 of Dutch Gouda just so you and your friends can knock it back in seconds? Shred your cheese into a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave it thirty seconds at a time until it's melted. Be careful not to burn it, though. Pour your melted cheese into the mold, and let it harden for a half hour. At that point, your shot glasses are complete and ready to be filled with wine.


If you like these cheesy creations and are looking for more ways to get creative with shot glasses, you're in luck. Of course, there are the famous Dominique Ansel milk and cookie shot glasses and the boozy Bailey's version. On that note, you can also make Cinnamon Roll Bailey's shot glasses. You can make are Kahlua-filled chocolate bacon shot glasses or schnapps-filled candy cane shot glasses. And, if you're hungrier than thirsty, you can always go for mozzarella stick shots of marinara sauce.