If you're looking for an excuse to buy one of these iconic Dutch ovens, now is your chance. 
mint collection of le creuset on sale williams sonoma
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

If you’ve been doing any spring cleaning in the past month, perhaps getting rid of your old, rusty, melted, or burnt cookware, in the hopes that you can replace it with brighter, shinier kitchen tools, then get excited because Williams-Sonoma just put its prettiest, most spring-appropriate Le Creuset color on sale.

The Dutch oven, cast iron oven, French press, saucepan, and skinny grill, in mint, are all 20 percent off if you use the code MINT at checkout. In the rainbow of Le Creuset colors, the mint version is currently my favorite. It adds a splash of color to the usual silver and greys of kitchen appliances. The elegant, but still slightly unusual, soft mint—almost seafoam—green could make this Le Creuset Dutch oven the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Enough of me gushing about this gorgeous color, though: Le Creuset appliances are an investment, and while for some folks a Dutch oven of this caliber might be hard to justify, this sale is just the push you need to justify the indulgence. Everything by Le Creuset will last you a lifetime, is easy to clean, and is so versatile that no matter what you buy—from the saucepan to the cast iron oven—it will earn its keep in your kitchen. Just don't wait too long. The promotion ends May 31.

Another Le Creuset item on sale at Williams-Sonoma is a novelty, but adorable none-the-less: It’s the heart-shaped Dutch oven. Yes, this piece might have been great for Valentine’s Day, but why not use it all year round to add a little love to your kitchen. No doubt, it will make a perfect conversation starter at your next dinner party and will come in handy for all those romantic dinners you plan to cook for your partner, no matter the season.

Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron Round Dutch Oven in Mint, $340 on williams-sonoma.com

Le Creuset Cast-Iron Heart-Shaped Dutch Oven, $150 on williams-sonoma.com