Credit: © CoverSpot Photography / Alamy

While the East Coast–West Coast burger chain wars may never be settled, two of the biggest names in the fast food business may be on the way to ending their beef. In an open letter printed in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune, Burger King has asked McDonald's to join them in the creation of the McWhopper sandwich. The request comes under the auspices of observing Peace One Day, a movement that began in 1999 that advocates world peace by promoting an annual global cease-fire on September 21.

Burger King did more than just suggest a one-day truce. They also went so far as to propose a recipe for combining the Big Mac and Whopper, as well as suggesting the sandwich be served in an Atlanta, Georgia, pop-up restaurant, which would be symbolically equidistant between the two chains' respective national headquarters. The details were also presented publicly on a McWhopper website.

But given that BK is asking a multinational corporation to spend some bonding time with its competition, McDonald's has been hesitant to sign on. In a post on the company's Facebook page, CEO Steve Easterbrook replied with this vague non-commitment:

If this whole McWhopper tease were just a publicity stunt to improve Burger King's public image (OK, it's almost certainly a publicity stunt to improve Burger King's public image), it's working. Because McDonald's didn't offer the olive branch first, they are left to decide whether or not a silly hamburger mash-up is worth promoting pacifism. Until Mickey D's gets its act together, the Home of the Whopper can still do their part to promote peace by stopping our night terrors caused by that creepy King guy.