I'm on my way to World of Pinot Noir-yes, there really is such a thing-and so hope to return next week with a bushelful of worthwhile Pinot recommendations. In the meantime here's a roundup of entertaining wine reading. Over at Slate, Mike Steinberger (who writes for F&W now and then) weighs in on America's obsession with red wine being good for us; up in Toronto, they're pondering the fact that apparently more than 1,000 U.S. wineries are expected to change ownership by 2018 or so; Tom Wark at Fermentation has announced the winners of the American Wine Blog Awards; and France's Minister of Health wants to muzzle wine writers (says Lebanon's The Daily Star, by way of Agence Presse France).

I, for one, know that I would look very funny trying to sip wine while wearing a muzzle.