By Clara Olshansky
Updated February 22, 2017
Credit: © FOX / Getty Images

If you expected Gordon Ramsay to be any more generous with his praise off-camera than on, you're in for a reality check. Fans have been tweeting their amateur culinary creations at Ramsay, and he's been absolutely savage with his criticism. Whether he's commenting on how obviously overdone a piece of meat is, how unsightly the mush of vegetable is, or just pointing out a spelling error, Ramsay's criticism may be funny, but it's sure as hell not going to make anyone feel better about themselves.

Some of Ramsay's Twitter criticisms—twitticisms?—have been legitimately fair. He pointed out that what one Twitter user called "penne arrabbiata" was not penne but spaghetti.

And that someone who tweeted her "chicken pot pie made from scratch" hadn't even hidden the box that the store-bought pie came in.

Other feedback seems genuinely sympathetic, if judgmental: he agreed with a couple school students that their cafeteria's fare barely counted as edible.

Other twitticisms, meanwhile, are straight-up cold-blooded. When one user tweeted two homemade breakfasts at Ramsay, asking which one looked better, Ramsay replied "I'd rather wait for lunch....."

When someone tweeted a plate of fajitas and homemade guacamole, Ramsay said of the pile of guac, "Looks like your dog stopped by on your plate....."

When someone proudly tweeted his egg in a noodle soup, Ramsay replied, "Looks like toxic scum on a stagnant pool."

If your heart can take this kind of merciless disapproval, go ahead and follow Gordon Ramsay on twitter, @GordonRamsay. Bonus points if you go ahead and tweet your own meal at him. You know, if your self-esteem can take the hit.