Foods rich in vitamin B3 could help slow the aging process.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017

Skip the Botox and skin peels; the secret to looking younger might be eating more avocado. Scientists from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre have found that boosting levels of NADPH, a molecule involved in antioxidant reactions, increases cells’ antioxidant capacity. Doing this helps raise our antioxidant defenses, protecting us against oxidative damage. There’s a lot of hard science behind this concept that our high school chemistry education cannot help explain but, essentially, increasing NADPH levels helps slow the aging process. So how do you raise your NADPH? You eat more foods packed with B3, a vitamin that helps make NADPH, like wild salmon, skipjack tuna, chicken, pork, liver, peanuts, beef, avocado and mushrooms. Here, five B3-heavy recipes to try.

1. Salmon with Shiitake and Red Wine Sauce
This hearty dish is delicious over wild rice.

2. Chicken Breasts with Potatoes and Mashed Peas
The perfect early spring dinner.

3. Pork Tenderloin Tacos with Avocado Salsa
Taco night, done right.

4. Sunflower-Seed Risotto
Yes, you can transform seeds into a creamy, good-for-you risotto.

5. Sautéed Calf’s Liver with Onions, Lemon and Sage
You’ll love liver after trying this recipe.