Luxist had a truly bizarre little item a few days ago about a pair of Berkshire pigs that were fed barley-soybean meal soaked in 200ml of ice wine a day for forty days, before they were butchered and served up to 82 hungry (and slightly crazy, I'd say) folks at a restaurant called Hillebrand in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Evidently this was supposed to make the pigs tastier—eiswein swine, mm-mm-good!—albeit in some fashion that eludes my rather rudimentary sense of animal biology.

What I love is that if you dig a little deeper, say by tracking down this article in the St. Catharine's Standard, you find out that the idea came from the pig farmer's wife—a veterinarian wine aficionado. Now, maybe I'm odd, but it seems to me that vets aren't really supposed to be in the business of thinking up new ways to make their patients more, um, delicious. But maybe I'm just drawing too close a connection between vets and md's. And, of course, the vet in turn did get the idea from a bunch of Australians, who fed red wine to their cattle to tantalize the Japanese restaurant market.

Me, I'm going right to the pet store, buying a hamster, and uncorking that magnum of '77 Graham's port I've got stashed away in the cellar. Gonna be some mighty fine dining around my house in about two weeks or so...