The best part? It lasts for two months.
Whole Foods Wine Sale
Credit: Urs Flueeler / EyeEm/Getty Images

Last month, Whole Foods announced its ever-popular Sommelier Best in Class Rosé Wine sale, which offered 10 different bottles of rosé—all hand-picked by Devon Broglie, the store’s Master Sommelier—at a discounted price. Some wines were priced as low as $7.99 a bottle; the most expensive rosé in the bunch was $18.99. (So yeah, it was a steal.) And while the promotion ended earlier this week on May 28, don’t worry if you missed out—on May 29, Whole Foods announced yet another wine sale, and this one lasts through July 30.

The “Whole Foods Market Summer Sommelier Selects Wine Sale,” like its predecessor, is packed with picks from Broglie. However, instead of being exclusive to rosé, customers can expect low prices on reds, whites, and sparkling wines too, with some canned varieties thrown in the mix. In total, 12 summer wines are on sale, with the least expensive bottles ringing in at $8.99 (Crucible Red Blend and Vacanze Prosecco), and the most expensive bottle, Grace Hale Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, priced at $18.99. Broglie specifically calls out the Presto Lambrusco ($12.99 for a four-pack of cans), which took over a year to develop, as one of the most popular and fastest growing brands. He also highlighted Holy Snail Sauvignon Blanc—“a perfect summer wine that appeals to classic French and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc drinkers alike,” and said it was so well-received that stores had previously sold through thousands of cases.

You can find the full list of wines on sale below—as aforementioned, the sale runs from May 29 through July 30.

Whole Foods Market Summer Sommelier Sale

  • Monterustico Bianco - $13.99
  • Holy Snail Sauvignon Blanc - $13.99
  • Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay - pricing varies by region
  • Santa Julia Torrontes del Mercado - $12.99
  • Cloudveil Rosé - $11.99
  • OTWC Pinot Noir - $16.99
  • Pool Boy Rouge (1L) - $11.99
  • Crucible Red Blend - $8.99
  • FitVine Cabernet Sauvignon - $14.99
  • Grace Hale Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc - $18.99
  • Vacanze Prosecco - $8.99
  • Presto Lambrusco (4 pack of cans) - $12.99

In other Whole Foods news, the grocery store recently announced an initiative to curb its plastic straw use. Straws will be removed from "Whole Foods Market-operated venues" such as coffee bars, cafés, and juice bars by July 2019—paper straws will be available upon request.