Now you can say "Want me to pick you up anything?"...and mean it.

whole foods
Credit: ©  RJ Sangosti / Getty Images

Hi, cuties. We're here to share some news from Whole Foods that's sure to make your day—especially if you're a Master of None fan.

If you've been making your way through season 2 of the Netflix comedy, you've no doubt scored a few excellent pointers from the show's writer and star Aziz Ansari about the confusing, hilarious world of online dating...including the sort of pick-up lines you might want to try using on a dating app.

After all, that first line matters. A lot. And while Ansari and co. may be using fictional dating apps on the show, there's still so much we can glean from their interactions. For starters, in Episode 2, Arnold reveals that when he wants to get one of his matches' attention, throws together a custom GIF featuring himself kissing a sandwich and waving, along with the text "Hi, cutie."

“Dude, who wouldn’t want to date this guy?" he explains to Dev. "He loves food, he loves travel, he’s devilishly handsome, and he knows how to do a classic wave and kiss. I wanna say 'Hi' and they’re definitely all cuties."

I mean, he has a point.

But the ultimate teaching moment comes in episode 4, when Dev himself reveals his personal pick-up line of choice. When he matches with someone, he quickly taps out a reply: "Going to Whole Foods, want me to pick you up anything?"

Admit it: You're a little bit in love, and it's not even real. We get it. Whole Foods can do that to a person.

Now, the brand is capitalizing on the line's resulting social media craze in real life. This Friday through Sunday—May 19 through May 21—the retailer is offering free delivery from their stores with the code “HICUTIE” at That means you can use Dev's pick-up line and actually follow through...all without leaving the comfort of your couch. (And your Netflix account.)

Friends, if you don't already have Saturday night plans, you just might now. Get ready to swipe.