Move over fresh-pressed orange juice, there's a new machine in town.
Credit: Laurie Castelli/Getty Images

When we grab a bottle of milk, many of us automatically check the expiration date. There's nothing more annoying than grabbing a gallon and realizing you have to get through it in a day or two. But what about almondmilk? Is freshness that important when your milk comes from a nut instead of a cow?

A company called NüMilk believes so. The brand is currently offering up "made fresh for you" almondmilk via a pilot program at two Whole Foods locations in New Jersey, according to VegNews. Simply grab an empty bottle off the shelf, shove it under the machine that looks just like a coffee vending machine, and watch it get filled with the freshest almondmilk you can imagine for just $3.99! (Though our recipe for almondmilk involves using a blender, NüMilk wouldn't disclose specifically what's happening inside its machine but did tell us that "our milk includes the entire almond.") Or for those who prefer to let someone else do their bottle filling for them, you can also grab a pre-filled bottle of NüMilk fresh almondmilk from an adjacent refrigerator. These bottles are also fresh, but they are stocked by Whole Foods employees in the morning and throughout the day as needed.

But does the world really need fresh almondmilk? The founders of NüMilk explained the advantages. "NüMilk fresh dairy-free milks are free of the gums, fillers, emulsifiers, and preservatives commonly found in other dairy-free milks on shelves today. The health and taste advantage of fresh is self-evident from a first sip, and we look forward to continuing to share our mission and delicious fresh dairy-free milks with all," they said via email. "Beyond that, each year, $160 billion of food is wasted in the U.S., including $91 billion of dairy products, according to the USDA. By allowing customers to make their own dairy-free milk in-store, we are doing our part to help eliminate that waste and reduce the carbon footprint throughout the food and beverage supply chain."

So there you have it: Making your own almondmilk can help save the world! And another big advantage: You don't have to grab any udders.