The discounts will be good for one day only.

Tomorrow marks a holiday you should be aware of, but probably aren’t: It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day. You can celebrate by making up a cheese board for friends and family or just for yourself—why share when you can enjoy a selection of fine cheese all on your own—but first you’re going to need some cheese. Look no further than Whole Foods for all your dairy-based needs—the upscale grocery store is having a one-day sale in honor of the holiday.

Whole Foods’ National Cheese Lover’s Day sake features a discount on a certain variety of cheese that is perfect for casual snacking, dinner parties, and yes, that personal cheese board you are probably fantasizing about right now: goat cheese.

The grocery store’s entire selection of goat cheese, from pungent to creamy to crumbly, is 20 percent off tomorrow only. In addition, the Artisola Organic Cheese Tortellini will also be 20 percent off, which is, of course, stuffed with cheese. You could pair the two—start off with a goat cheese appetizer, complete with olives, crackers, and perhaps a jam spread, followed by a pasta course featuring the tortellini. Is that too much cheese to consume in one night, you might be asking. The answer is no, there’s no such thing as too much cheese to consume in one night.

If you’re interested in some ways that goat cheese can be eaten besides on a cracker, there are a many dishes that call for this deliciously creamy and tangy cheese. You can use goat cheese to make pudding cups, you can stuff goat cheese in roasted figs, you can add it to potato gratin and top burgers with it. Yes, a cheese board is a perfectly acceptable way to enjoy the cheese you pick up during the Whole Foods sale, but there are ways to get creative with it in the kitchen and you shouldn’t shy away from adding the ingredient to an off beat recipe. This sale is the perfect opportunity to try cooking up a new dish. If all else fails, just spread what you can salvage on a slice of apple and call it a win.