The sale launches on April 4 and will last until the end of May. 

Despite the fact that it snowed in New York yesterday, spring has arrived and brings with it rosé season, the most anticipated of all the seasons. We look forward to it every year, waiting patiently for those pastel pink bottles of wine to appear back on shelves. One sip tastes just like sunshine. Rosé season is a time for celebrations, garden parties, rooftops, and sundresses, it deserves a major kick-off: Look no further than Whole Foods, which is launching a massive sale on rosé, starting tomorrow.

12 bottles—including two super trendy brands, Winc’s Summer Water and Forty Ounce Rosé—handpicked by the grocery store’s Master Sommelier Devan Brogile, will be included in the sale.

There are wines here for every type of the rosé drinker: Casual drinkers or people who need to stock up for a gathering will find a $9.99 bottle El Terrano Rosado and a $7.99 bottle of Orlana Rosé Vinho Verde 2017. Not one to miss out on a trend, four packs of Pure Provence & Rosé, a canned wine, are also available.

Experienced connoisseurs will find more elevated bottles on the list, like an AIX Coteaux d’ Aix en Provence Rosé, but the featured wines are generally affordable, with the most expensive bottle coming in at just $35.

The sale ends on May 29, which should give you plenty of time to supply yourself with enough pink wine to last you the entire summer, get you through those hotter-than-hot summer days we know are coming, and to toast to the long-awaited end of winter.

Here’s the full list of wines included in the sale. You can learn more about Brogile’s picks here:

Calixo Cava Brut Rosé
Orlana Rosé Vinho Verde 2017
El Terrano Rosado
Alivetto IGP Ile De Beaute
French Blue – Bordeaux Rosé
Folie en Provence – Provence Rosé 2017
Pure Provence & Rosé
Santa Julia Innovacion Malbec Syrah Rosé
Skouras Zoe Rosé 2016
Summer Water Rosé 2017
Forty Ounce Rosé
AIX Coteaux d’ Aix en Provence Rosé