Credit: © Tim Boyle / Staff / Getty

Earlier this year, Whole Foods announced they’d be opening a sister chain of lower-cost stores called “365.” Now, the company has released details on where the first batch of 365s will open, and the locations they’ve chosen are almost sadly predictable.

The first ever store is slated to open in the second half of 2016 in… drumroll… the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Yes, Whole Foods feels that an urban hipster haven with continually rising real estate prices could really benefit from cheaper produce. Sorry, Whittier. Better luck next time.

From there, the remaining four cities slated to get the new store chain are probably easy to extrapolate: that other struggling Los Angeles community, Santa Monica; Houston, TX; Portland, OR; and because Microsoft employees need value too, Bellevue, WA. The phrase the “rich get richer” comes to mind. As you may notice, all five initial stores will open west of the Mississippi, though based on this list I’m sure Whole Foods is already scouting for storefronts in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn and whatever the most expensive neighborhood in Atlanta is called.

Of course, you can’t fault Whole Foods for going where their market is. 365 isn’t intended to be a charity project. The company is trying to boost sales and profits: an area that’s been a bit of a problem for them recently. According to 365 president Jeff Turnas, these locations were chosen due to a “high demand for both quality food and value in a convenient format.” They also fulfill the brand’s stated goal of being “hip, cool, and tech-oriented.”

Meanwhile, for all of you non-hipsters/yuppies, living outside of cool urban environments, wondering when a 365 maybe come to your community… Um, how are you on the Internet? Have you even discovered what that is yet?