If you think New York City’s white truffle frenzy can’t get any bigger—witness the recent coverage in the New York Times, the New York Post, and of course, New York Magazine’s current feature on how to pull off a “truffle share”—think again. NYM's blog Grub Street reported that Le Cirque paid $7,000 for a massive one pound truffle a few weeks ago, but a new record for the truffle season was set late yesterday. After bids from restaurants Charlie Trotter's in Chicago, NYC's Masa, and a patron at Nello in Manhattan's Upper East Side, it was the restaurant Daniel that made the winning offer of $9,500 for a gargantuan white truffle, weighing nearly two pounds and roughly the size of a cantaloupe, from Tyler Gray at Mikuni Wild Harvest. A Food & Wine Tastemaker, Gray’s known for delivering pristine mushrooms to the world’s top chefs, but this just in: While the previous truffle was just being shopped around to restaurants, he’s going to offer similar white truffles from Alba, Italy, just smaller in size—mostly from about a tenth to a third of a pound—to the public through the end of December (; 866-993-9927).