A Pizza Chain Is Putting Mango White Claw in Its Pizza Crust

Blaze Pizza has a new pie for summer, and it's infused with booze.

Forget pineapple—the most controversial pizza ingredient this summer might just be White Claw hard seltzer. Pizza chain Blaze Pizza is putting spiked soda water on the menu, both as a beverage and into the crust of a tropical-themed pie that goes on sale this week.

The White Claw Pizza gets its name from the mango-flavored edition of the popular boozy beverage that's swapped in for filtered water in the pizza dough, intended to give it a hint of fruity flavor. According to a Blaze spokesperson, the sweet smell of fermentation in the dough reminded executive chef Brad Kent of the mango flavor, thus he thought it would be a compatible addition to the mix.

The actual toppings include Blaze's signature red sauce, shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, roasted red pepper, jalapeño, and some fresh arugula tossed on after it comes out of the oven. And despite what I wrote earlier, don't forget the pineapple completely: The White Claw pizza is indeed topped with the polarizing fruit.

Mango White Claw pizza from Blaze Pizza
Blaze Pizza

“Like our pizzas, White Claw is crafted with simple and clean ingredients, and the brand has an irreverent attitude. While sipping on a Mango White Claw, I thought, ‘Why not make dough with this instead of filtered water?’" Chef Kent said. "Turns out, it tastes great! After combining a few of our fresh ingredients, the final recommended topping list offers a balance of spicy and tangy, with a bit of tropical sweetness to balance it out.”

A Blaze Pizza representative said over 40 locations will have the White Claw-infused pizza for takeout or dine-in (where available) only. The other caveat is you'll only have one day to get it—Thursday, June 17. (Find more information on the locations here.) Also, any pizza they sell can be given the mango White Claw crust treatment that day for no extra charge.

Of course, it wouldn't be a promotional stunt without something to promote. As mentioned above, White Claw is also now available as an alcoholic beverage option at most Blaze Pizza locations nationwide.

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