And yes, she did indeed win big. 

white chocolate cadbury creme egg
Credit: Valerie Loiseleux / FotografiaBasica / Getty Images

Earlier this month, Cadbury announced its intention to hide a few hundred white chocolate versions of it’s iconic Creme Eggs in bags and boxes of the regular variety around the United Kingdom. These new white chocolate Creme Eggs aren’t just a limited edition collector’s item, the candies would actually be worth cash prizes. If you’re lucky enough to find one of the chocolate eggs, you could redeem it and win £100—or you could get really lucky and win as much as £2,000. Well, the first of the lucky eggs have been found, and it fetched a hefty reward.

According to Good Housekeeping U.K., Cadbury has confirmed that Natasha Bream, who manages a daycare center in Luton (a town in Bedfordshire, England) is the first person to find one of the white chocolate eggs. Cadbury kept their promise: Bream raked in a £1,000 prize after her lucky discovery. She came across the winning eggs by accident: On her lunch break, Bream made a quick jaunt to Tesco to buy a bag of the Creme Eggs. The prize-winning version is wrapped the exact same way as its milk chocolate counterpart, so Bream had no idea what she was in for when she unwrapped her snack.

Bream immediately called the helpline on the wrapper and found that she had won one of the 34 eggs worth £1,000, which means there are 33 of them out there just waiting to be found

“I was very excited – and a little shocked. It was quite bizarre as we had just been talking about it at work so we knew what it meant to win,” she told Cadbury.

Apparently, Bream has so far resisted the urge to eat the prize—probably smart given how rare they are. She also tells Cadbury that she plans to spend her prize money on a vacation, of course—that’s the only appropriate way to spend a surprise chunk of money (unless you’ve got a big bill to pay, but why not treat yourself). In the meantime, we’re looking forward to hearing more stories about the blessed people who happen to stumble across the white chocolate eggs—while they’re still around.