In a somewhat odd Thanksgiving promotion, White Castle is giving away free “Crave Caddies” that can keep 30 sliders warm at once.
white castle turkey sliders
Credit: Corutesy of White Castle

This Thanksgiving, White Castle, like many restaurant chains, is bringing back an annual seasonal offering to celebrate: its turkey sliders and sweet potato fries. The sliders come in two varieties that fit the holiday well enough – a Bistro Turkey Slider made with white Butterball turkey and topped with a “tangy bistro sauce,” or a new Cheddar and Apple Butter Turkey Slider, which is pretty self-explanatory. Meanwhile, sweet potato fries repurpose a common Thanksgiving side into fry form.

But for 2017, White Castle has something else up its sleeve. “Accompanying this year's holiday line-up is the boldest way to carry the crave, the limited supply Crave Caddy,” the brand announced in a press release. You don’t say?

So what exactly is a “Crave Caddy,” you might ask? “The Crave Caddy is an insulated bag, with an easy-to-carry strap, designed to perfectly fit a Crave Case of 30 sliders and keep them warm,” White Castle explains. Yes, like a professional food delivery man, you too can have your own insulated bag designed to bring White Castle wherever you like. And the burger chain is giving them away for free in the lead-up to Thanksgiving. While supplies last, if you purchase one of White Castle’s 30-pack “Crave Cases” of sliders online or via the chain’s mobile app, it’ll come in a free Crave Caddy.

Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle, then explained the benefits of the Crave Caddy. “Whether it's a road trip, sports tailgate, or just a White Castle Wednesday family dinner, boldly transport your sliders in style,” he said, later adding it's perfect for your “next party, large event or family dinner.”

“Family dinner”? Alright, we can read between the lines, White Castle. So why not just come out and say it? Why bother slaving over a hot oven to cook a giant turkey with all the fixin’s when you can just load up a giant insulated bag with turkey sliders and sweet potato fries instead? Frankly, it sounds like a great idea. It would have been much cooler, however, if you weren’t so coy and just branded the Crave Caddy with a giant horn of plenty on the side.